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Tikk Takk – Gallery Skothús


Landscape – Mokkacafe

Miracle in sculpture land


Normality is the new Avant-Garden – Kópavogur Art Museum


Journey – Privat exhibition – Reykjanesbær Art Museum

    Like so many of Finnur Arnar ́s video pieces Journey uses double images to underscore a conceptual whole. Fragments, shown in a loop, feature a walking man dragging …

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RUV 2013 – Óskastígur – (see video)

Private exhibition – Center of Visual Arts – Akureyri

Finnur Arnar Finnur Arnar sýnir hér nokkur verk sem geta hvert og eitt staðið ein og lifað sínu lífi, en eiga þó í innilegu og nánu samtali. Viðfangsefni sín sækir …

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Private exhibition – Center of Visual Arts – Akureyri


National Heroes – Privat exhibition – Hrafnseyri

National Heroes When the snow melts after a long and cold winter, heroes grow in the highest mountains. Photographs of flowers that grew in the West Fjords moorland, spring 2012.  

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The holiness – Private exhibition – Neskirkja church

Family exhibition – Æringur – Bolungavik

From, to and around Westfjords – Graphite on wall

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Finnur Keli Kristján – The Factory Hjalteyri

Family exhibition – Þar spretta laukar – ASI Art Museum

Man on the Moon


Fokhelt, Breiðakur 17-19

In Deep Water – The Hafnarfjörður Centre of Culture and Fine Art

Fisherman’s Widow, Fisherman Tvö myndbönd sem sýnd eru hlið við hlið sýna sama sjónarhorn og eru tekin upp samtímis. Á þeim er þó sá reginmunur að annað er tekið beint upp …

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Fisherman’s Widow, Fisherman

Tvö myndbönd sem sýnd eru hlið við hlið sýna sama sjónarhorn og eru tekin upp samtímis. Á þeim er þó sá reginmunur að annað er tekið beint upp í himininn af …

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Silence – Reykjavík Art museum

Seven photos of fish, taken with a Polaroid camera; the heads of the same seven fish in jars filled with formaldehyde; the invisible presence of their bodies locked in a …

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Angur:blíða – Skaftfell – Center for Visual Art

Private exhibition – Gallery Nordlys – Denmark

Public work – The University of Iceland


Family exhibition – CIA gallery, Xiamen, China


Privat exhibition – Gallery +

A man

The man in the work revolves slowly counterclockwise while the light travels from right to the left in twenty minutes.

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Privat exhibition – Gallery Populus Tremola

Privat exhibition – Gallery Banananas

Installation in a backyard

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Privat exhibition – Gallery 21 Malmö

Installation in a gallery

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Privat exhibition – I8 Gallery

From the beginning of his career Finnur Arnar Arnarson has been particularly drawn to generic circumstances where art is displayed in a volatile state, scarcely visible at the narrow margin …

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I8 Gallery – The Poet

I8 Gallery (downstairs) – Cloud and Shadow

Cloud and Shadow

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Privat exhibition – Reykjavík Art museum

A private exhibition.

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Two video segments, ten minutes each, side by side where the same fishing village in The West fjords  is shown. The ocean is in the front and the village huddles in …

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Nature I and Nature II – The National Museum

Nature I

Nature II

On the left a young girl is sleeping but on the right a recording from Látrabjarg taken from the height of 500 m straight down into the ocean.

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Cod – Privat exhibition – Safn

A twin video made of two ten minute video segments side by side, showing the last twenty minutes in the life of a single, stranded cod. The spectator sees simultaneously the …

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Two ten minute video segments side by side showing the death of a cod. The work shows twenty minutes in ten of the cod dying.

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Nature III – Privat exhibition – The Living Art Museum –

Nature III


The viking – Privat exhibition – The Living Art Museum

Icelandic viking. Installation, video and photographs

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The viking


Flögð og fögur skinn – Icelandic vikings – The Living Art Museum

Icelandic vikings wrote down their wounds. The men are members of the viking society Rimmugýgur. Also exhibited at Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York.

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Privat exhitition – The Living Art Museum

Photograph of an old woman, five statues of the members of the punk group PPPönk. Members of the Ponkgroup and the old women wrote down there future dreems

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Coffeeshop tales – Sólon Íslandus café

On the Visa note you could read the national anthem of Iceland

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Gallery Showspace – The Button ( A travelling gallery)

The picture is of Hannes Hólmsteinn Gissurarson how is the main spokesman of  capitalism in Iceland. The button shows the notes of The Internationale

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Art for Icelanders – National Hero – Hafnarhúsið gallery

A group exhibition in Reykjavík. Jón Sigurdsson is the undisputed hero of Iceland. His visions freed Iceland from the Danish crown that lead to the country’s independence in 1944. But …

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Tugt – Back in a moment – Síðumúli prison

An installation in an old prison in Reykjavík. The piece shows us the everyday of the prisoner in cell 4. “Finnur Arnar’s cell was not typical in comparison to the …

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Back in a moment – Cultural Center of Grindavík

An installation in the Cultural Center of Grindavík. This installation tells a story about an electrician. He is just minding his job. On the ladder he has attached a note, stating: “Went …

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Privat exhibition – The Living Art Museum

Eight governmental salary slips (80cmx60cm) Five office workes CV’s Three “be back soon” works. Droped upstairs, droped by the exhibition, droped to fetch a lightbulb.

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Family car – The Reykjavík Municipal Museum

Family car My car and my family had been living together for a long time when I put it up for sale in a group show of young artists at …

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Good Old Days

  I did this installation with a friend of mine, the composer Thorkell Atlason. The pictures show a kitchen in an old defunct house. In one of them, a young …

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