Guðjón Ketilsson – Melankólía

I often think of those scenes in the Wim Wenders film Wings of Desire in which the protagonist, the angel, walks along the city streets and hears the thoughts of the people whom he passes by. One scene in particular was the spark that ignited my work for the Shed. In this scene the angel walks through the car of a train. We see the faces of the people sitting in silence in the train and at the same time hear short fragments of their thoughts as the angel walks by. All are deep in thought, immersed in their own worlds and the melancholy reflections on having a life. The melancholy that fills the space of the train in this film sequence is connected to the melancholy of the Shed, which my figures occupy.

Guðjón Ketilsson

Melankolía Melankolía Melankolía Melankolía Melankolía